Advanced Bladder Cancer Treatment

advanced bladder cancer treatment

If you have stage IV bladder cancer, your doctor will start speaking with you about advanced bladder cancer treatment. Application of each advanced bladder cancer treatment depends on the severity of the cancer itself.

Here are the 3 main treatments for advanced bladder cancer, as well as two alternative treatments. Remember that while one advanced bladder cancer treatment can only improve symptoms, there are others that have documented long-term results.

Advanced Bladder Cancer Treatment 

The first advanced bladder cancer treatment an individual can get is chemotherapy. Keep in mind bladder cancer is sensitive to chemo. While there have been long-term survival cases documented, chemo is usually used more as a way of improving the symptoms of bladder cancer.

The second advanced bladder cancer treatment an individual with stage IV cancer can get is surgery. Some doctors may suggest a radical cystectomy if there is a need to control local spread. A radical cystectomy is when the bladder is removed, along with the tissue around the bladder. If a male is going down this route, the prostate and seminal vesicles will be removed. In women, the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, anterior vaginal wall, and urethra will be removed. 

The third option for advanced bladder cancer treatment is supportive care. Essentially, supportive care refers to any treatment that prevents and helps the side effects of cancer.

The fourth option for advanced bladder cancer treatment is some sort of targeted cancer therapy. Right now, there are different ongoing clinical trials looking at the benefits of targeted therapy Herceptin. 

The Takeaway

Speak with your doctor if an advanced bladder cancer treatment on this list popped out at you. Your doctor will have the final say, but you are also allowed to have an opinion on the advanced bladder cancer treatment you receive. 

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Posted on May 5, 2023