Cholesterol Medications Not Statins

There are millions of Americans living with unhealthy cholesterol levels. And sometimes, improving your diet and exercising regularly can fix the problem. Other times, however, it’s not enough and people have to be put on cholesterol medications. Problem solved? Definitely not. 

People can react poorly to cholesterol medications. The most common medication is a class of drugs called statins, and while statins are the most common, some people can’t actually take them. If you’re one of those people looking for cholesterol medications, but can’t or won’t take statins, this list is for you. 

There are three other types of cholesterol medications. They are as followed: fibrates, resins, and niacin. Each has their own benefits, as well as their own risks. For instance, there are a number of risks that go along with niacin, but despite those worries, the natural vitamin is still extremely helpful when it comes to improving a persons’ cholesterol. As well as having their own set of risks and benefits, each cholesterol medication on this list has its own type of brand. So, when you walk into a pharmacy, for instance, you’re going to want to recognize which brand goes with which cholesterol medication. 

Let’s start with fibrates. There are two options when it comes to fibrates. The first is Fenofibrate, and the brand is TriCor. The second is called Gemfibrozil (brand is Lopid). In terms of resins, there are three primary options. The first is called Cholestyramine (LoCholest, Questran), and the second is called Colesevelam (WelChom). The third is called Colestipol (Colestid). 

Mentioned briefly, another alternative cholesterol medication for someone who can’t or won’t take a statin drug is Niacin. This route has benefits, but also risks. Most doctors will recommend only taking Niacin if it is absolutely necessary. And if statin doesn’t work for a person, it’s likely fibrates won’t either, so niacin may be a route you find yourself down. There are two options when it comes to niacin. The first is called Crystalline, and there are numerous brands of this. The second is called controlled-release (Niaspan, etc.) 

Remember, all of the above-mentioned cholesterol medications (that aren’t statins) work better if the person taking them makes lifestyle changes as well. This means eating better and working out more. 

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Posted on May 5, 2023