How You Can Use Acupressure To Relieve Constipation

Acupressure is based on a system that consists of 365 pressure points defined in the 12 energetic meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Experts of traditional Chinese medicine assert that the stimulation of these by applying fingertip pressure or using needles can be beneficial in promoting overall health. A group of these points is traditionally associated with constipation relief.

Experts of traditional Chinese medicine readjust the energy flow of patients by applying pressure to certain points on the body. They primarily put emphasis on the conception and liver vessel points to relieve patients’ constipation. In the world of traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure practitioners describe this method as liver channel stimulation, but in strictest medical terms, this is the equivalent of bolstering digestive function.

Four Acupressure Points to Relieve Constipation

#1 He Gu Xue

Located in the tissue between the index finger and the thumb, the He Gu Xue point incites spasms in the digestive tract and can ease insomnia and shoulder pressure. An acupressurist may apply pressure to this point tightly for up to a couple minutes during a session. Pregnant women must avoid spurring this particular point as it has been shown to produce contractions of labor.

#2  Large Intestine 4 (LI-4)/Hegu

Glide your fingertip from He Gu Xue to your wrist and find the hard bump at around the midway point. Also known as the Joining Valley, applying pressure to this point incites intestinal spasms. Constipation is thought to be an obstructed pathway, and in traditional Chinese medicine, the joining valley signifies producing a pathway to restoring digestive function.

#3 Large Intestine 11

Also known as the Crooked Pond, this point is an acupressure that can effectively ease stomach pain and constipation, located just on the outside of the elbow fold. Apply pressure to this point tightly using a finger for about a minute while you are inhaling deeply. Once you are done with one of your arms, change hands and apply pressure to the point on your other arm.

#4 CV 6 (Conception Vessel 6)

Put your fingertips on the lower section of your belly button and move them down to the width of two fingers. Also known as the Sea of Energy, applying pressure to his particular point can strengthen the abdominal muscles and ease constipation and bloating. The nickname “Sea of Energy” signifies the presence of numerous essential organs in this part of the body.

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Posted on May 5, 2023