Is there a Cure for Depression?

Depression is a common illness among adults and even few children. When under depression, one feels like there is a dark shadow that they may never overcome. Depression can be treated but is there a cure for depression?

Unfortunately, depression cannot be cured, remission is all we aim for. It is also very recursive; 50% of people who have suffered from depression have had relapses of depression. There are available treatments that can be used to reduce the severity of recurring depression.

Why Does Depression Recur?

Depression is caused by a variety of reasons, including emotional factors, genetic, biological, and environmental. If you experience recurrence of depression, it is not an implication of a weaker personality but may be brought on by a lot of factors, such as loss of a job, demise of a loved one, or substance abuse. It is important to always talk to your team on the risk of depression recurrence. Knowing every possible back up plan can help you avoid depression recurrence.

Signs of Depression

Signs to identify depression may differ as per the different individual but here are several symptoms that indicate depression: sleeping excessively, lack of sleep, increased fatigue, slow movements and speech, feeling restless or agitated, change of appetite and weight, irritability, feeling guilty or hopelessness, feeling sad or empty, having suicidal thoughts, physical aches, and concentration problems.

Before you classify your symptoms as depression, they need to be occurring frequently during the day. You need to observe the symptoms for two weeks before you can classify your signs as depression. If you think you are about to have recursive depression, you should talk to your treatment team. Your doctor’s analysis may offer you help in avoiding depression.

Preventing Recurrence

Following your treatment prescription can go a long way in helping you avoid recurrence of depression. Treatment usually involves attending psychotherapy and doing any assignment issued to you, avoiding drug abuse, and taking all medicines prescribed to you. If your medication is not working, you may need to try different treatments to discover what really works. As with any other medications, there are going to be side effects; these are guaranteed to disappear after some time.

If dealing with depression, you should find a reliable support system. Having people who understand what you are going through at the moment will help you. Lastly, you should practice self care, which includes having enough rest and eating right among other things.

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Posted on May 5, 2023