Pneumonia Shot

pneumonia shot

It’s important for people to know whether or not they should get a pneumonia shot. It’s not a necessity for everyone, but if someone, for instance, is twenty-three and has long-term health problems, they should be getting a pneumonia shot. 

There are common pneumonia vaccines, one of which being the PSV13 vaccine. This is essentially a liquid solution that is injected into an individual’s muscle or under their skin. If you have a child under two years old, the PSV13 vaccine is included in the routine immunization schedule. 

The PSV13 vaccine works by protecting an individual from 13 types of the pneumonia bacteria. This is important as pneumonia can turn life-threatening in a matter of minutes, seconds even. As with any vaccine, however, the PSV13 pneumonia shot can cause a few side effects, mostly at the site of injection. The most common are as followed: 

– Soreness

– Hard lump

– Pain

– Swelling 

– Tenderness

There are also minor side effects and major side effects from the PSV13 pneumonia shot. Minor side effects include mild fever, loss of appetite, irritability, and fatigue. Major side effects include swollen glands, hives, or any skin inflammation, swelling of the mouth and/or throat, and skin rash and itching. 

Further, behavioral changes have been known for being a major side effect of the PSv13 pneumonia shot, as have difficulty in breathing, high or low temperature, and paleness. In some incidences, vaccines can cause severe allergic reactions. It is important that you seek medical attention right away if your symptoms do not fade within a weeks time. 

Mentioned briefly, getting a pneumonia shot is not a recommendation for everyone. In fact, it is better if only individuals who are vulnerable to acquiring the disease get a pneumonia shot. These are people who are already sick or just have a weak immune system, which is common in child and elderly people. 

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Posted on May 5, 2023