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    Bacterial Meningitis Vaccinations

    Getting a meningitis shot is important. If undiscovered, symptoms usually appear in the form of a headache, stiffness in the neck, and fever. However, even though getting a meningitis shot can prevent the acute inflammation, that doesn’t mean it’s the right route for everyone.  As a matter of fact,...
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    Meningitis Shot

    Entering college means a lot of things. First, it means meeting new people, living on your own. Second, it involves a lot of textbook shopping. And third, it means getting a meningitis shot.  Let me back up a bit. A lot of colleges ask for their students to get a...
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    Meningitis Vaccine

    Before traveling to a different country, sometimes you need to get vaccinated. If you’re going to India or Mali, you are definitely going to want to do that. Why? Because it can prevent your adventure from turning into a long trip to the hospital.  There are a number of vaccinations...